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Needle News 7-4-2023

Needle News
Happy 4th of July!!
So many things to cover!
First-the remodel! The remodel for the new location has finally begun! We are all permitted properly and progress is being made. I will try get some pics to post on FB/instagram tomorrow of the progress. Currently the contractor is projecting completion around the last week of July. Then we move...
Also First- the move! Be sure to check the website and/or social media towards the end of July for a daily moving schedule if you'd like to help.
Second-travelin' queen! I will be attending my nephew's wedding next week in Florida. The shop will be open and my husband will be in charge. I have had a few gals offer to come help him (thank you!), so all your stitching needs will be met. It might just take a few minutes longer.
Third-the retreat! Last week I released the registration information for the 1st November Blooms Retreat in (shocklingly) November. I am (fill in verb here) to announce that the seats are sold out. Thank you to everyone for so enthusicatically filling the event so quickly! I am sorry to all y'all that weren't able to make a reservation! There is a waiting list in the event of cancelations, because life happens. Also, I did rather forget to announce that the bloom for this 1st retreat is the Yellow Rose.
Fourth-trunk shows! We have 2 shows scheduled for August. The first is Wipstich Needleworks and is a needlepoint show. Wipstitch is a Texas company from Dallas. Rebecca and Elizabeth are sisters that design fun, sassy, and whimsical canvases. Look for the canvases after the move! The second is Atomic Ranch Fabrics. Mike is sending us a whole slew of cross stitch fabric to help us celebrate the re-opening.
Last-Sales yay! Glendon Place is the Desiger of the Month for July, so 20% off as always for the DOM. First Friday Fabric and Third Thrusday Thread are both happening again in July (20% off). Continue to check social media for the 2 hour Too Special Sales that start at 2pm on surprise days. Finally, (drumroll, please) the OFFICIAL MOVING SALE will begin July 17th and run through when everything is boxed up.
Hopefully I didn't miss anything or at least anything terribly important. Happy Stitching and come by and see us!
PS- the shop phone is now a cell phone, so you can call or text now! 

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