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 Golden Needle

Needle News 2-25-22

Golden Needle
Needle News

 A long lost Hello!

I am sure most of you think I fell off the world. I did not, in fact, do that.
I did take a small break to unpack, set up the house and spend some time with my mother and son. I started looking for a new shop space in November and was quite disheartened at what was available and how much it cost. Considering the cost of housing I really shouldn't have been surprised, but I was. After many hours spent on the internet and with realtors, (if you follow on FB you already know this) we finally found a place in San Marcos, TX. For my part and full-timeFloridians and non-Texans, it is the just down the highway from Austin. For my Texans, it is about 2 blocks off the downtown square. I have started moving stuff in and it is filling up fast. The space is technically larger than the Florida shop, but is all one room, so I am having to create display pieces (not enough walls!). Look for a grand opening in a few weeks!

I have been working on the shop inventory for WEEKS. I am going through every chart and kit I have and making sure every one is accounted for (yes I realize this is a normal inventory task) and has a picture in the computer. Because of the merger of 3 computer programs (many of you will remember the program I had for a total of 3 months that constantly crashed...), the computer was, hmmm, inaccurate in places. End result: if it is listed on the website, it has been verified (and photographed and let me tell you that takes forever!). Bless my mother's heart, she comes up for a few days at a time and reads pattern titles to me while I type.

Lastly, for this missive, Market. 
I am going to Nashville. I will be driving the distance (Siri says 12 hours) and meeting my daughter there. She has never been, but has spent many hours working in the shop and helping me in general, so I thought she would enjoy attending. As I have done before, I have started putting the market items online for you to preorder. I will add any preorders to the shopping list I have for Market and mail them or hold them for you as soon as I have them. If you see something you would like on FB or elsewhere, but don't see it on the website to preorder, (I probably just didn't get an email preview from the designer), just send me a message. Look in the "NEW" tab at the top of the home page for the Market stuff. It will all remain in the "NEW" category/tab for several weeks. 

That's the bulk of the news!

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