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 Golden Needle

Needle News 9-26-21

Golden Needle
Needle News

Hello all! I must say it has been busy few weeks.

Thank yous first!
Thanks to everyone that came out or placed an online order for our moving sale. I hope everyone found some goodies. 
A huge thank you to Pat, Debbie of Bloomin' Daisies, Adgie, Mariann, Jess and my hubby for your help packing boxes, sorting threads and charts, and generally helping me muddle through. There is still quite a bit to shift through, but this week is dedicated to relocation of the rest of my household goods.

Contact information!
Several people have aske me to clarify how to get in touch. As I have mentioned before, Jess at the shop has bought the embroidery side of the Golden Needle. She will stay in the same spot as we have been for about 30 years. She will always be able to get hold of me. Google and whatnot will be mangled for a bit until I get a new shop location.
Jess's info is:
Golden Needle Embroidery
Port Charlotte, FL 

My info is the same as always:
Golden Needle
New Braunfels, TX (ok this line is different)
Facebook is still Golden Needle

I cannot say enough how much I have enjoyed getting to know all my Florida stitchers and our Snowbirds over the last 7 years (6 years, 10 months for those of you who are prone to counting things). Please stay in touch! Drop an email, post a picture, comment on a video. (I, one day, may get brave enough to look at the comments when I do a live video.) I will miss you all and if you're down my way, stop in!

If you're a Texas stitcher, look out baby I'm on the way!

Hugs to everyone!

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